18 April 2017

Prof. Paolo Samorì has been awarded the Spanish-French "Catalán-Sabatier" prize by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ)! Read more.

Nathan Heller joins the group as a Bachelor Student.

6 March 2017

Stefano Ippolito joins the group as a Master Student.


Latest publications

C. Musumeci, M. Wałęsa-Chorab, A. Gorczyński, G. Markiewicz, A. Bogucki, R. Świetlik, Z. Hnatejko, W. Jankowski, M. Hoffmann, E. Orgiu, A. R. Stefankiewicz, V. Patroniak, A. Ciesielski, P. Samorì, "Generation of low-dimensional architectures through the self-assembly of pyromellitic diimide derivatives", ACS Omega, 2017, 2, 1672–1678. Link to article (open access).

X. Zhang, P. Samorì, "Graphene/Polymer Nanocomposites for Supercapacitors", ChemNanoMat, 2017, in press.

G. Markiewicz, D. Pakulski, A. Galanti, V. Patroniak, A. Ciesielski, A. R. Stefankiewicz, P. Samorì, "Photoisomerisation and light-induced morphological switching of a polyoxometalate–azobenzene hybrid", Chem. Commun., 2017, in press.

M. Gobbi, S. Bonacchi, J. X. Lian, Y. Liu, X.-Y. Wang, M.-A. Stoeckel, M. A. Squillaci, G. D’Avino, A. Narita, K. Müllen, X. Feng, Y. Olivier, David Beljonne, P. Samorì, E. Orgiu, "Periodic potentials in hybrid van der Waals heterostructures formed by supramolecular lattices on graphene", Nat. Commun., 2017, 8, 14767. Link to article (open access). AzoNano, EurekAlert!, FRCGraphene Flagshipidw, ISIS, Nanobay, NanowerkPD&DPhys.orgScienceDaily and TU Dresden press releases.

S. Bertolazzi, S. Bonacchi, G. Nan, A. Pershin, D. Beljonne, P. Samorì, "Engineering Chemically Active Defects in Monolayer MoS2 Transistors via Ion-Beam Irradiation and Their Healing via Vapor Deposition of Alkanethiols", Adv. Mater., 2017, in press.



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