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Internet of functions in ad hoc 0D to 3D functionalized multicomponent nanostructures and networks thereof for energy, sensing and optoeletronic applications.

  • Chemistry of two-dimensional materials (graphene and other layered compounds): production, tuning of their properties, fabrication of devices.
  • Multiscale tailoring of smart supramolecular systems: development of multiresponsive coatings and composites.
  • High-performance multifunctional materials and (nano)devices for optoelectronics, sensing, data storage, etc.


7 June 2022

Federico Modesti joins the group as a Visiting Early-Stage Researcher from BASF, Germany. Welcome, Federico!

1 June 2022

Dr. Shunqi Xu – PhD at TU Dresden, Germany – joins the group as a Postdoctoral Researcher. Welcome, Shunqi!

24 May 2022

Prof. Paolo Samorì has been awarded the André Collet Prize 2022 by the SCF Supramolecular Chemistry Group. Congratulations, Paolo!

2 May 2022

Javier Porcayo Loza joins the group as a Visiting Early-Stage Researcher from Graphenea, Spain. Welcome, Javier!

29 April 2022

Dr. Stefano Ippolito has won the 2022 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists. Congratulations, Stefano!


Latest Publications

F. J. Urbanos, S. Gullace, P. Samorì, "MoS2 Defect Healing for High-Performance Chemical Sensing of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons", ACS Nano, 2022, in press.

R. Furlan de Oliveira, V. Montes-García, P. A. Livio, M. B. González-García, P. Fanjul-Bolado, S. Casalini, P. Samorì, "Selective Ion Sensing in Artificial Sweat Using Low-Cost Reduced Graphene Oxide Liquid-Gated Plastic Transistors", Small, 2022, in press (open access).

H. Peng, Y. Zheng, C. Antheaume, P. Samorì, A. Ciesielski, "Novel thiophene-based donor–acceptor scaffolds as cathodes for rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion hybrid supercapacitors", Chem. Commun., 2022, 58, 6689–6692. Link to article (open access).

H. Lin, S. Peng, S. Guo, B. Ma, M. A. Lucherelli, C. Royer, S. Ippolito, P. Samorì, A. Bianco, "2D Materials and Primary Human Dendritic Cells: A Comparative Cytotoxicity Study", Small, 2022, 18, 2107652. Link to article and accepted manuscript (open access). Featured in Hot Topic: Carbon, Graphite, and Graphene.

M. Čonková, V. Montes-García, M. Konopka, A. Ciesielski, P. Samorì, A. R. Stefankiewicz, "Schiff base capped gold nanoparticles for transition metal cation sensing in organic media", Chem. Commun., 2022, 58, 5773–5776. Link to article (open access).

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