Welcome to the Nanochemistry Lab of Prof. Paolo Samorì!

Internet of functions in ad hoc 0D to 3D functionalized multicomponent nanostructures and networks thereof for energy, sensing and optoeletronic applications.

  • Chemistry of two-dimensional materials (graphene and other layered compounds): production, tuning of their properties, fabrication of devices.
  • Multiscale tailoring of smart supramolecular systems: development of multiresponsive coatings and composites.
  • High-performance multifunctional materials and (nano)devices for optoelectronics, sensing, data storage, etc.


23 November 2017

Recent Spanish-French and German-French prizes awarded to Prof. Paolo Samorì highlighted in Angewandte Chemie! Read more.

8 November 2017

Prof. Paolo Samorì has been awarded the German-French “Georg Wittig - Victor Grignard” Prize by the German Chemical Society!

18 October 2017

New cover in JACS! See here.

12 October 2017

Prof. Paolo Samorì has been elected as an Honorary Member of the University of Nova Gorica! Read more.

9 October 2017

New cover in Advanced Materials! See here.


Latest publications

M. Gobbi, E. Orgiu, P. Samorì, "When 2D materials meet molecules: opportunities and challenges of hybrid organic/inorganic van der Waals heterostructures", Adv. Mater., 2017, accepted.

M. A. Squillaci, A. Cipriani, M. Melucci, M. Zambianchi, G. Caminati, P. Samorì, "Self-assembly of functionalized oligothiophene into hygroscopic fibers: fabrication of highly sensitive and fast humidity sensors", Adv. Electron. Mater., 2017, accepted.

T. Biellmann, A. Galanti, J. Boixel, J. A. Wytko, V. Guerchais, P. Samorì, J. Weiss, "Fluorescence commutation and surface photopatterning with porphyrin tetra-dithienylethene switches", Chem. Eur. J., 2017, in press.

A. Aliprandi, D. Pakulski, A. Ciesielski, P. Samorì, "Punctured Two-Dimensional Sheets for Harvesting Blue Energy", ACS Nano, 2017, in press.

A. Aliprandi, T. Moreira, C. Anichini, M.-A. Stoeckel, M. Eredia, U. Sassi, M. Bruna, C. Pinheiro, C. A. T. Laia, S. Bonacchi, P. Samorì, "Hybrid Copper-Nanowire–Reduced-Graphene-Oxide Coatings: A “Green Solution” Toward Highly Transparent, Highly Conductive, and Flexible Electrodes for (Opto)Electronics", Adv. Mater., 2017, 29, 1703225. Link to article and accepted manuscript (open access). Highlighted in Science Trends.


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